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Introducing IQ-TEL HD. Highly Capable Network for New Generation.

Apply for HD connectivity today and join the internet revolution. An ultra High Speed Active Network that will connect you to our Gigabit Aggregation Network and boost your regular connection with the HD power. It has more bandwidth capacity than any connection. The High Capacity Data Link that connects you to our Distribution Nodes with 1000 Mbps data capacity.

Difference Between Regular Connectivity & HD

Our Regular Connectivity comes in Passive Method which have no redundancy. But those connection now very much congested, as a reason the connectivity on this frequency is not smoother.

IQ-TEL HD connections comes with a 99% uptime, that means you are always connected with our network. Also HD connectivity gives you to avail New HD Packages, that is designed for HD only. Why go for a regular connection when you can get upto 1000Mbps Ethernet connectivity on your home.

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